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2007 Major Regulation Changes


2007 USTA League Regulations

1. Clarify that deadline for filing a grievance will be based on the next match in that specific flight and that specific division involving the participant(s) or team(s) Appears in 2.02C(1).

2. Move-up/split-up regulation for all rostered national championship team members. Any player, who did not participate in a match during the championship year, including defaults received, is excluded from this regulation.

Appears in 3.03A(6) Adult, 3.06C(2) Adult 2.5 & 5.0, and 4.04B(2) Senior.

Note: This will apply to the 2006 national championship teams.

3. In order to advance out of local league to championship an individual player must have participated in 2 matches on that specific team with no more than one (1) default counting.

Appears in 3.03A(2)

4. In order to advance to national championship an individual player must have participated in 3 matches during all competition on that specific team with no defaults counting.

Appears in 3.03A(3)

5. The years of valid rating for the 2007 championship year and forward will be reduced from five (5) years to three (3) years for those individuals 59 and under and from three (3) years to two (2) years for those individuals 60 years and over.

Appears in 3.01D and 3.05A(1) and 3.05A(2)

6. Spread between members of an individual doubles pair may not exceed 1.0. Appears in 5.01E(2)-Mixed and 6.01E(2) Super Senior.

7. Super Senior Division – At all championships a minimum of six (6) team members must be available and eligible to combine and compete.

Appears in 6.03A(4)

8. Super Senior Division - A player is eligible to advance to national championships if the player has played on the same team in at least two (2) matches through section championships. A maximum of one default received will count for advancing.

Appears in 6.03A(3)