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Southern MINI Combo Teams now forming

August 24, 2009 05:01 PM

MINI Combo Doubles is currently the fastest growing adult program in the USTA Southern Section. With a participation base of 31,000, you might be wondering what keeps the players coming back year after year? The answer is simple... MINI Combo Doubles is FUN!

The Ashland League is now forming men's and women's teams at the 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 levels. Teams consist of a minimum of 6 players where three doubles matches are played in each team match. Partners ratings cannot exceed the level of the team. For example a 4.0 player could play 6.0 with a 2.0 player. In the other leagues players may not be more than one level apart. Combo allows for a bigger spread as long as the partners do not exceed their team level. Play will be in September and October and winners will advance to the Kentucky State Championships in Louisville, Oct. 23-25 2009. State winners then can advance to the Southern Sectional Champiosnhips in 2010. For more information contact Jerry at 606-329-2245. Deadline to register your team is September 09, 2009.

The program allows participants to self rate, thus making it easy to play with family and friends. For most players, this is the program's single most attractive attribute.

BMW Combo Doubles offers skill levels for adults ranging from 5.0 - 10.5 and for seniors ranging from 6.5 - 8.5. Local competition is fierce, with the top local teams advancing to their state championship and then the Sectional Championship.

2009 Ashland/Kentucky Combo Doubles Regulations


Presented by Mini

2009 Kentucky Regulations


Play is governed by the RULES OF TENNIS; “The Code” as contained in the 2008 Friend at Court, The USTA Handbook of Tennis Rules and Regulations, USTA Southern Sectional Regulations and the following Kentucky rules:


Each Local League must supplement these regulations for play within their league.  Local regulations may not be in conflict with any Kentucky or USTA Southern Sectional general regulation.  No Southern Combo Doubles Regulation or Procedure may be waived by a Local Association or by any local state, or sectional league coordinator or Grievance or Grievance Appeal Committee.  Any violation of these regulations shall be subject to such sanctions as may be imposed by the USTA Kentucky Adult League Committee with the approval of the USTA Kentucky Executive Committee.  The State League Coordinator, in conjunction with the USTA KY Adult League Committee Chairman shall have the authority to interpret the Kentucky Southern Combo Doubles Regulations.


All teams participating in the 2008 Adult and/or Senior Southern Combo Doubles season must be registered in TennisLink by the initial roster deadline of October 1, 2008.  (This means a team must have at least 6 players registered by this date in order to be eligible to advance to Championship play.)  Last day of play for Adult and/or Senior Southern Combo Doubles is October 15, 2008.  Exceptions may be given by the Kentucky Adult League Committee (ALC).


1.       A team shall consist of a minimum of six players eligible to compete at a specific level.  The format of play will be three individual men or women’s doubles matches per team match.  


2.    All participants must be current members of the USTA.  All participants must reach 19 years of age for adult divisions and 50 for senior divisions during the calendar year in which they play their first local league match.


  1. Levels offered will be combined Adult 5.0, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 and Senior 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5.  Doubles partners combined NTRP rating can not exceed level of play. 

NOTE:  There are no limitations as to a player’s rating for a particular level as in years past.  For example, for an 8.5 COMBO level, the players can have an NTRP rating of 3.0 5.5 or 4.0 4.5 or 3.5 5.0.


  1. The National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is the official system for rating levels of competition in Southern Combo Doubles.  Adult players without a computer rating from 2005, 2006 or 2007 may self-rate themselves in accordance with the NTRP guidelines.


  1. A participant may play on more than one team; however, a participant may not play on more than one adult team in the same level.  For example, a participant may play on a 7.5 team and an 8.5 team but may not play on two different 7.5 teams in the same local league.  However, a participant may play on the same level for an adult and senior team.  No special scheduling consideration will be given to players who play on more than one team.


6.       Local Leagues shall determine the maximum number of players on a roster.  This number must be published in Local League Regulations.


7.       The team winning the majority of individual matches shall be awarded one team point.


8.       Any Local League divided into flights must establish and publish playoff regulations and the format for determination of local league winners.


9.       Local Leagues shall determine the procedures and/or penalties if a team forfeits an entire team match during Local League play.  This should be published in the local league regulations.


10.   Scores must be reported in TennisLink within 48 hours of the completed team match and confirmed within another 48 hours. Local Leagues may determine any penalty for a team not adhering to these guidelines.


11.   All Local leagues must play a minimum of four matches.  All teams must participate in the same number of round robins as every team in the flight. 


12.   All Local League Matches shall be the best of two sets and the Set tiebreak In lieu of a third set; a Match Tiebreak (first to ten by two) shall be played.  There will be no rest period or coaching.  The scoring in the event of a default, forfeit or disqualification (not based on NTRP) shall be 6-0, 6-0.  Pro-Sets are not permitted in this league. 


13.   A player may play on two adult and two senior teams while advancing to the Kentucky Championships, however there will be NO scheduling considerations.  Due to the limited number of courts and times, it may be difficult for a player to participate on multiple teams.


14.   Single Teams must notify their Local League Coordinators by the deadline established in the Captain’s meeting, if this deadline is not met, another Local League will not have to accommodate a team from another area.


15.   Local League Coordinators must inform the SLC of a single team league by October 2, 2009.  They may attend state championship if this requirement is met.


16.   If a schedule has been created for a Local League that a team is trying to enter, before the published deadline, that Local League will not have to accommodate any team from another area. A Local League Committee may rule to accommodate a team if their schedule has been posted before the published deadline.


17.   If there are no other senior combo teams in your area to compete with at a particular level, senior teams may play in the local adult combo league at that level to qualify for the senior championships.  Senior matches will not count in match standings if they are within an adult flight. 


  1. All participants must be on the original roster and have played one match locally with that team in order to advance to championship competition.


19.   Local League Champions:  Local leagues with the following number of teams per local season may qualify to advance to the State Championships:


                        2-10 teams                    2 teams

                        11-20 teams                  3 teams

                        21   teams                    4 teams


NOTE: Teams progressing to the Championship are determined by placement after local league play.  Local Leagues are expected to send their top finishers.  A local league may send the next team in their local standings to represent their local league.  Any deviation from this must be approved by the Tournament Director and the Tournament Referee.


20.   Teams should be expected to play on any USTA approved surface at the Kentucky Championships. 


21.   A $100 deposit will be required of all teams at each Kentucky Championship.  Any team forfeiting an entire team match will forfeit this deposit. Any team that withdraws from the tournament after the schedule is published shall forfeit their deposit and registration fees. In the event a team at any championship forfeits an entire match for any reason during round robin play, then all matches of that team, play or to be played, shall be null and void.  If all teams in contention for the Championships have already played the forfeiting team in good faith, the matches stand as played.  A grievance will be filed on the entire team for any withdraw or forfeit. 


22.   Any team forfeiting an entire team match during the Championship, without consent of the Tournament Committee, will be subject to a grievance being filed against the entire team by the State League Coordinator. 


23.   All matches at the Championship will be the best of two sets and the Set tiebreak shall be used at 6-all in each set.  In lieu of the third set, a Match tiebreak shall be played.  There will be a two minute set break at the end of each set with no coaching.  The Match tiebreak shall be scored as 1 set and 1 game for tiebreak procedures.


  1. The championship format will be a round robin competition. Teams will receive one point for each team match win.  The team with the most points is the winner.  In the event of a tie, it will be broken by the first of the following procedures that does so:

                                        &nb​sp;                      i.      Individual Matches.  Winner of the most individual matches in the entire competition.

                                      &n​bsp;                      ii.      Sets.  Loser of the fewest number of sets.

                                 &nbs​p;                        &nbs​p; iii.      Games.  Loser of the fewest number of games

                                          ​;                  iv.      Head-to-Head.  Winner of the head to head match.

                       &nbs​p;                        &nbs​p;             v.      A method to be determined by the championship committee: Procedure to be announced prior to commencement of the championship competition.


COMBO Championship dates are Oct. 23-25, 2009, Louisville, Kentucky. Any fees for court usage will be determined during the Championship period.  The Championship entry fee per player is $25.00.



2009 USTA Kentucky Adult League Committee


Richard Wimsatt, Chairman

Jerry Groce

Esther Hubbard

Judy Anderson

Russ Coffey

Jill Smith

Cleo Meaux

Kevin Ellis

Gerry Canter

Jonathon Amlung


The Kentucky Grievance and Grievance Appeal Committee members will be appointed from the Adult League Committee as needed.