Greater Ashland Tennis Association


Party Rentals

Why not rent the Ashland Tennis Center for your next party or social event. We have several packages available to meet most needs. If not ask and we'll see what we can do for you. The following prices are in effect:


Indoor Tennis Party  

$300 includes all 4 indoor courts and lobby and kitchen areas for a period of 4 hours.

Fri and Saturday Nights from 7pm-11pm.

Check Days and times for availabilty.


Outdoor Tennis Party

$75.00 includes use of 5 outdoor courts and small outdoor building and kitchen.

Check days and times for availablity.


Social Party (no tennis)

$60.00 includes use of lobby or outdoor deck area and kitchen areas for a 3 hour period when available

Check days and times for availabilty.


We have a gas grill available for your use and a limited number of banquet style tables and chairs. Just let us know if you need something to make your party a sucess!